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1238377_10202045216796871_6385651556066392331_nIf I pray,
Lord, will you hear me?
Do you know my name?
Do you see my pain?
If I’m scared,
Lord, take my fear.
Steady my hands.
Help me do what I can’t.

Oh, sweet memories
Have mercy on me.
Leave my dreams.
Stay buried deep.

If we escape,
Lord, give us strength.
Guide our steps,
Save us from death.
If I forget,
Lord, help me see.
Take my regret
Of who I have come to be.

Oh, sweet memories
You’re breaking me.
I’ve slipped through the crack.
There’s no going back.

If we fail,
Lord, help us find our trail.
Lead us to
A home, a refuge.
If we stray,
Lord, give us grace.
Protect our souls
On this long, unsparing road.

Oh, sweet memories
Heal what’s left of me.
Restore my faith,
Before it’s too late.

If I fall,
Lord, let it be my time.
Don’t let my life
Go down without a fight.
If I die,
Lord, let it mean something.
Take my life
As a sacrifice.

Oh, sweet memories,
Leave good thoughts of me.
Keep them close.
Make them whole.

If I’m gone,
Lord, keep them strong.
Watch over them
Till I’m by there side again.

AA (2013)

Inspired by The Walking Dead 🙂

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