Lucky Wren

What I See, & How I See It


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Tell me what’s wrong with this picture.
We’re both fucked up playing like we’re doctors.
Neither one of us can fix the other.
Too bad we can’t get an “A” for effort.
If only we had been brave enough
To say when we had too much.

But you and I, we walk a fine line
Between what’s wrong and what feels right.
You and I, we make our own rules.
We play truth or dare because that’s what we chose.
We never knew how much we would lose.
Or maybe we did, we just did’t think it through.

This isn’t like the times before.
Usually, we roll up our sleeves asking for more.
But there’s no way we’ll come back from this.
The things we did, we’ll never forgive.
We both knew we couldn’t last much longer.
We pushed and shoved  just to see who was stronger.

Whoever was louder was always the winner.
We never could just quit and retreat to our corners.
With words that cut straight to the bone,
We both played rough like anything goes.
And we’d always say never again,
But here we are right back where we began.

There’s nothing left of us to put back together.
We broke so hard there’s nothing left to surrender.
There’s a hand-full of memories worth remembering,
And there’s a few keepsakes worth taking.
But that’s all that we have,
Just a few good times in a life of sad.

We always knew when to point fingers.
We always knew how to pull each other’s triggers.
We should’ve known we couldn’t make us work.
We should’ve known we’d cave under pressure.
We never cared enough to see what mattered.
Now, you’ll go one way and I’ll go the other.

We both thought we knew what was best.
We talked a big talk like we knew more than the rest.
Now, here we are, forced to be separate.
But even apart we’re both wrecks.
So tell me what’s wrong with this picture…
We can’t be apart, but we can’t be together.

~ AA (2013)

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