Lucky Wren

What I See, & How I See It


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LiesHe said, “Let’s grow old together.
In you I see my future.”
He said, “I’ll give you all you want.
Let’s have kids that look like us.
Let’s make this house a home.
You’re the best love I’ve ever known.”
But he never stopped to think
How much I believe him.

He said just trust me baby,
You will never have to worry.
He took my hand in his,
And said, “If this is love, then we’ve got it.”
He told me, “No matter what,
I won’t ever give you up.”
But I guess I wasn’t enough.
Don’t they say all you need is love?

He said, “Honey, I wouldn’t lie to you.
Hurting you is something I’d never do.
I’d rather kill myself.”
Funny…he’s still alive and well.
Maybe his love ran out,
Or maybe he had some doubts.
Whatever his reason
I just know I’ve learned my lesson.

It doesn’t matter anyway.
What’s a heart without heart break?
I should have seen it coming.
Next time I’ll kiss with both eyes open.
Oh, what you put my heart through,
I wouldn’t even wish on you.
But that was our problem wasn’t it?
You could always take, but never give.

They say it will get better,
That you should never say never.
I’ve heard it all before,
A thousand times or more.
They say just give it time,
And all that’s wrong will be made right.
But they’re just being kind.
They only say what sounds polite.

The truth is no one knows.
Maybe some are meant to be alone.
Maybe some will find true love.
Maybe some can live on just enough.
Maybe some will always want.
Maybe some just can’t or won’t.
Maybe some will always be searching.
I just wish that love would have me.

~ AA (2013)

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