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sunThey say, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

Every song has been sung.
Every chord has been strummed.
Every color has been painted.
Every step has been danced.
Every tree has been climbed.
Every leaf has been turned.
Every water has been touched.
Every rain has been tasted.
Every mountain has been claimed.
Every star has been named.
Every storm has been chased.
Every stone has been thrown.
Every seed has been sown.
Every wild has been tamed.
Every itch has been scratched.
Every beauty has been seen.

Every fortune has been built.
Every blood has been spilt.
Every will has been killed.
Every ransom has been paid.
Every tie has been cut.
Every hurdle has been jumped.
Every race has been run.
Every wall has been crushed.
Every idea has been born.
Every shoe has been worn.
Every story has been written.
Every dream has been dreamt.
Every secret has been kept.
Every need has been met.
Every lesson has been learned.
Every liberty has been served.

Every bridge has been burned.
Every plea has been heard.
Every lie has been bought.
Every line has been crossed.
Every happiness has been pursued.
Every question has been asked.
Every day has been wasted.
Every sleeper has been awakened.
Every lip has been kissed.
Every wound has been healed.
Every wrong has been forgiven.
Every death has been remembered.
Every blessing has been given.
Every path has been taken.
Every eye has been closed.
Every mind has been opened.

Every wonder has been discovered.
Every fear has been conquered.
Every war has been waged.
Every disease has been caged.
Every heart has been broken.
Every hope has been exhausted.
Every savior has been believed.
Every prayer has been prayed.
Every fantasy has been imagined.
Every movement has been labored.
Every torch has been lit.
Every grave has been dug.
Every prophet has been called.
Every coward has been shamed.
Every hero has been honored.
Every warrior has been forged.

Every prisoner has been reprieved.
Every innocent has been redeemed.
Every slave has been freed.
Every child has been loved.
Every wife has been a mother.
Every husband has been a father.
Every prodigal has been welcomed.
Every wanderer has been missed.
Every youth has been aged.
Every person has been changed.
Every misfit has been accepted.
Every long-shot has been cheered.
Every sun has risen and fallen.
Every one has been chosen.
Every sacrifice has been rewarded.
Every life has been lived.

They say, ‘There’s nothing new under the sun.”
That every thing has already been…already happened.
But they can’t tell me that’s all that is or will ever be.
Even if the sun is unchanging,
Even if our lives are simply renamed,
That doesn’t mean our lives are in vain.
That doesn’t mean we stop creating,
Stop dreaming, stop chasing.
That doesn’t mean we are left with scraps.
That doesn’t mean we come after those who have.
If anything the past gives us purpose,
To do life better, to make it worth it.
So when they say, “There’s nothing new under the sun,”
Well, what do you say we find a new one?

~ AA (2013)

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