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A boob is a boob, no matter how fair,
Whether too big or hardly there.
Whether they are round, triangular or square.
And even if they are covered in hair.
Yes, no matter it’s size, from A to Z,
And all of the doubles in-between,
Whether they are perky or to your knees,
Whether your cups overfloweth,
Or they look like two bites from one tic.
In the end, true boobs are more than just tits.

Yes, boobs are not just for squeezing and looking.
They are more than just fun bags and something for motor boating.
They are more than headlights and lovely lady lumps.
They are more than hooters and (perhaps the worst) jugs.
Boobs work, they wear, they’re more than they seem.
They keep babies full and make men happy.
They stretch, expand and give self-esteem.
All while looking like eggs over-easy.
Why if you take some time to ponder, I’m certain you’d discover,
There’s very little boobs can’t do.

So ladies, whether you have no boob,
Fake boob, mega-boob or uni-boob,
Whether your boobs are making you hunch,
Whether you feel like you’re caught between two tones,
Or whether you wish you weren’t so flat,
Like your sternum sticks out more than the rest.
Remember, you are not your breast.
You are more than the fat on your chest.
All boobs are great, despite size, look and use.
But women are better, and that is the truth.

~ AA (2014)

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