Lucky Wren

What I See, & How I See It




Wishing well, where do I begin? What do I say, how much should I give?
Wishing well, a lot has happened. I haven’t done this since I was a kid.
Wishing well, I’m not sure what to pray. It should be easy, but it’s so hard to say.
Wishing well, what are my thoughts worth? Will you bury them where your waters touch the earth?
Wishing well, what secrets do you keep? Oh how well you must know the lonely.
Wishing well, I’m in need of a cure. I can’t wait for life to give me what I’m searching for.
Wishing well, I will tell you everything. I’ll tell you where, tell you how, tell you when.
Wishing well, am I doing it wrong? If I get it right, will you give me what I want?
Wishing well, I thought this would be easy. How many tries does it take? What makes you pleased?

Wishing well, do you want me to beg? Trusting you has become my greatest regret.
Wishing well, I hope you’re happy now. This is just my life we’re talking about.
Wishing well, where is your pity? It must be nice to never have to worry.
Wishing well, please don’t lead me on. Just say something, just play along.
Wishing well, what more can I give up? It’s not fair to think of what you could have done.
Wishing well, I’m not asking for much. I’ve never asked for more time, wealth or true love.
Wishing well, what must you think of me? Do you think I’m young, think I’m weak?
Wishing well, is it all for nothing? If this is it, what’s the point of contending?
Wishing well, do you even care? Do you hear me? Are you even there?

Wishing well, I did this to myself. I took a chance when I should have stayed silent.
Wishing well, promise me something. Forget my face, forget my voice, forget my reverie.
Wishing well, it doesn’t matter anyway. I’m finished. I am done. I’ll make my own way.
Wishing well, I think I understand. You’re much more than what I imagine.
Wishing well, I came to you looking, looking for anything that could keep me hoping.
Wishing well, you’re not just token. You’re the home for all my dreams unspoken.
Wishing well, will you remember all my prayers that are waiting for an answer?
Wishing well, you know what can be. You’ve seen my best, my worst, and still you keep me.
Wishing Well, you’ve known me from the beginning. Help me write the rest of this story.

~AA (2013)

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