Lucky Wren

What I See, & How I See It

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hummingbirdBorn in pain, raised in sorrow – they call you by their grief.
Too frail to fight, too young to know, engulfed in their debris.
Little bird wanting, sure no one would ever see,
But your wings give you away, and so your sweet heart breaks. Continue reading



Dirty Fingernails

Hello, beautiful.
Where’s your smile?
You have a moxie
I haven’t seen in a while.
Did you lose it?
Was it forced from you?
Whatever the cause, dear,
Know that you’re not through.
This isn’t the end, no.
There’s more for you. Continue reading

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Caught in the corner of a smokey room.
Holding my breath, drowned by the fumes.
Lost in the smolder. Everything’s consumed.
Fully possessed by this searing tomb.
The heat swallows in seconds
The entire life I’ve spent.
The flames rage over every dream.
He has no pity, this unforgiving thief. Continue reading