Lucky Wren

What I See, & How I See It

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A boob is a boob, no matter how fair,
Whether too big or hardly there.
Whether they are round, triangular or square.
And even if they are covered in hair.
Yes, no matter it’s size, from A to Z,
And all of the doubles in-between,
Whether they are perky or to your knees, Continue reading

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Caught in the corner of a smokey room.
Holding my breath, drowned by the fumes.
Lost in the smolder. Everything’s consumed.
Fully possessed by this searing tomb.
The heat swallows in seconds
The entire life I’ve spent.
The flames rage over every dream.
He has no pity, this unforgiving thief. Continue reading

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broken daisy

I want to go back, back to the beginning.
I’m disappointed with this ending.
I can’t say what I wanted.
But this, this is far from it.
Of all the things I expected.
Of all the conditions I planned in my head.
It was all for nothing,
It was all for nothing. Continue reading